Entering the Gate of Faiths

As I entered the Old City of Jerusalem through the Jaffa Gate, I could see that all people approach Jerusalem together, but once inside, they soon divide. Christians head north toward the Holy Sepulcher and the Via Dolorosa to follow monks leading a somber procession carrying crosses. Jews proceed due east toward the Western Wall to pray and wedge written pleas between its timeless stones; touching these stones links them to their nation, heritage, and long, turbulent history. Muslims make their way northeast for daily prayers lead by clerics as all bow toward Mecca.

Why are people drawn to Jerusalem? It is the city where Jesus prayed, David ruled, Solomon built a temple, Muhammad ascended to heaven, Jacob had a dream, and where faiths converge.

Even though each of these faiths may turn toward a different direction when they enter the city, it seems to me it is the same God to whom all roads lead in the end.


Journey to Jerusalem


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To complete the adventure, you are invited to the Journey to Jerusalem photographic exhibit at the Sacred Pause Studio.

Enjoy wine, cheese and foods from the region while enjoying photographs and stories of the journey.

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June 28 - 30

Journey to Jerusalem Exhibit
Sacred Pause Studio
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Journey to Jerusalem

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