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Sacred Pause

Sacred Pause looks at the world in a unique way. From places around the world like Hawaii and Europe, to closer sojourns to New Orleans and his own community, fine art photographer Bob Munro usually takes the road less traveled. He finds the sacred in the ordinary, everyday elements that surround us. Through Munro's artistic interpretation and skilled photographic eye, Sacred Pause inspirational framed art conveys spirituality, hope and tranquility in images drawn from and inspired by nature and sacred places.

Sacred Pause framed art makes a unique gift idea for communicating a shared belief or sentiment with a loved one in a way that can't be expressed through words alone. Available as beautiful framed art and photo note cards, the photographs come in several sizes, with inspirational verses offered on many of the most popular pieces.

Sacred Pause. Art with hope and spirit.

- Bob Munro


Click on an image from the New Orleans Retrospective of Framed Artwork